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International School of Youth Diplomacy    


The International School of Youth Diplomacy at MGIMO MFA of Russia has been operating since 2008 and offers students in grades 8, 9, 10 and 11 a career guidance program for entering a university.

The work of the School is divided into field study sessions that take place during school holidays, which is especially convenient for students from other cities. Classes are held on the territory of the base near Moscow or abroad. To receive a Certificate of completion of the School program, signed by the Rector of MGIMO, you must attend 2 sessions: basic (autumn or spring), at which MGIMO teachers from various faculties highlight areas of international activity and language (winter or summer), at which review lectures and consultations on passing the entrance exam at MGIMO are held under the guidance of teachers from the MGIMO Preparatory Faculty of the MFA of Russia, and also takes place protection of projects of the Listeners. At the end of each field session, an in-depth testing of students is carried out, developed by the leading teachers of MGIMO. 

The curriculum of the sessions is built as an intensive lecture and consulting course, where theoretical classes alternate with practical ones within the framework of international forums, parliamentary debates and role-playing games "Embassy", "Negotiations", "UN Assembly", etc.

Between sessions, students of the School develop and implement their own international project. It is possible for students to jointly prepare a common project within the framework of the visiting session of the School. Students of the School actively participate in a wide variety of MGIMO events, including the work of the Russian Association for the Assistance of the United Nations (RAS UN), as well as in such events as: Moscow UN Week, international teleconferences, forums, competitions, filming on central TV channels, etc.

The curator of the International School of Youth Diplomacy is the UNESCO Chair of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Tel. departments: +7 (495) 225-40-85

Students who successfully completed training at the School and showed high results in testing, as well as implemented their international project, are issued a MGIMO Certificate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on graduation from the International School of Youth Diplomacy, signed by the rector of MGIMO of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For questions about studying at the School, please contact the School Administration:

  • www.mgimo-school.ru
  • e-mail: info@mgimo-school.ru
  • tel.: +7 (499) 973-57-48; +7 (916) 692-77-03

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